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What is a Firearms or Weapons Charge?


A firearm is a weapon that can inflict serious bodily harm or death through a bullet or other matter. In Canada, there are strict laws against the possession and transportation of firearms. The following is a list of potential offences:

  • Unauthorized possession of ammunition
  • Tampering with licenses
    • False production
    • Altercation
    • False information
  • Non-compliance with Inspection
    • Failure to produce a firearm
    • Failure to return firearm after revoking the license

If an offence is committed the person can be punished on summary conviction, or imprisonment for up to 2 or 5 years, depending on the offence.


What to do if you are charged with a Firearms and Weapons Offence


If you are convicted with a firearms or weapons offence our firm will provide you with all of the resources needed to analyze your case. With Calvin Barry and his team of trial lawyers, we will be able to defend you regardless of the severity of the alleged firearms and weapons charge you are facing.


Often cases involving firearm and weapons charges are combined with charges such as assault, and drug-related offences. Our firm is well-equipped to handle a variety of charges. Please visit Domestic Assault or Drug-Related Offences to learn more.


We will fight for your rights no matter the severity of charges. At Calvin Barry, you will be defended.


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