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Vehicle offences are usually charges given by police officers for violating the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) or the Criminal Code of Canada.

Most common offences under the HTA are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Careless driving
  • Failure to signal
  • Fail to remain (hit and run)
  • Use of handheld device while driving
  • Driving without license or insurance
  • Running stop signs and traffic lights
  • Police pursuit
  • Other offences under the criminal code are:
  • Dangerous driving: causing bodily harm or death to others
  • Impaired driving

For more information regarding DUI charges visit DUI.




If convicted, these charges are can drastically affect one’s life and career. To elaborate, charges are recorded on a driving record that can be assessed by potential employers and insurance agencies. Moreover, charges can lead to demerit points that can ultimately have your license revoked.


Charges laid under the criminal code for dangerous driving can lead to imprisonment for up to 10 to 14 years maximum if the dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death.


For charges under the HTA, penalties vary from $400 to $2000, imprisonment for up to 6 months, demerit points, or license suspension. Each penalty varies on the number of convictions and type of charge. For instance, for distracted driving, the driver is subject to a fine from $490 to $1000 and three demerit points. For careless driving, a driver may receive six demerit points, fine up to $2000, six months imprisonment, or 2 years of license suspension.


Regardless of the penalty, having charges like the ones above can negatively impact your life.

What to do if you are charged with a Vehicle Offence


If you are allegedly convicted of a vehicle offence, do not plead guilty before you consult with one of our lawyers. At Calvin Barry Professional Corporation, we have the resources to help review your case and charges, to make the best possible decision.


Our experienced team of trial lawyers will assist you in the best possible way.


We will fight for your rights no matter the severity of charges. At Calvin Barry, you will be defended.


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