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When an individual is pulled over for reasons leading police to suspect that the driver may have alcohol in their body while operating, or being in care and control of a vehicle, an officer may demand you comply with a roadside test on an Approved Screening Device. If you fail the roadside breath same test, the officer will demand you accompany them to the police station to provide further samples there. If the officer believes you are impaired while operating a motor vehicle, the officer may demand you immediately attend with him at the police station to provide a breath sample without doing a roadside test on an Approved Screening Device. 


If the driver refuses to take the breathalyzer on the roadside or at the police station they can be criminally charged. There is also an option for an officer to demand a blood sample. This may arise where the officer believes the suspect is not capable of providing a sample, perhaps due to injury.  The criminal penalties for refusing a breath or blood sample will be essentially the same as an Impaired Driving or over 80 mg charge. If you are charged, always contact a Criminal Lawyer before making any statements. Get a free consultation with Calvin Barry.


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