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What is a White Collar Crime?


White collar crime is a crime committed in a corporate or occupational setting that results in a monetary gain. It covers a variety of activities including the following:

  • Embezzlement: the theft of capital assets belonging to another. 
  • Corporate fraud: illegal activities that take place in a company, such as the misrepresentation of a product.
  • Money laundering: safekeeping money collected from illegal activities.
  • Bribery: something of value is given in to persuade another to act illegally.
  • Cybercrime: using technology such as the internet and computers to engage in illegal activities.
  • Insider trading: using access to confidential information to buy or sell stock to their advantage.
  • Identity theft: a type of fraud that misuses another one’s identity for financial gain.
  • Copyright infringement: using work that is copyright law protected without permission.

If one is convicted of white collar crime they are at risk of losing their job or having their license revoked. In consequence, this criminal record can lead to decreased freedom, difficulty finding a job, travelling, and family life.


To learn more about punishment of white collar crimes visit Fraud.

What to do if you are convicted of White Collar Crime


If you are charged with a white collar crime, do not plead guilty before you consult with one of our lawyers. Calvin Barry Professional Corporation has the experience and resources to understand the type of white collar crime and assist you in the best possible way during your trial.


With Calvin Barry and his team, you will be given the time and legal expertise that can deal with each unique case.


We will fight for your rights no matter the severity of charges. At Calvin Barry, you will be defended.


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