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Being convicted of an alleged criminal offence regardless of the charge can have drastic impacts on your life and career. 


Each charge if not dealt with and dropped effectively can lead to a penalty or time in jail. 

To read more about each charge and their penalties click on the links below:

In general, all of these charges can result in:

  • Prison
  • Expensive fines
  • Probation

If these charges are not defended you will have a criminal record that can negatively impact you and your family, in life, business, career and travel.


In some cases, having a criminal record can ban you from travel to other countries. This depends on the laws of the country you want to travel to. For example, if you want to travel to the US you will not be permitted entry if you have conspired, attempted, or have committed moral turpitude such as:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Prostitution
  • Human Trafficking
  • Fraud/Money Laundering
  • Theft
  • Assault

Or if you have more than two criminal offences on your record, you will not be allowed entry. In addition, If you are an immigrant or a permanent resident, you may be deported from Canada. 


In terms of business and career choices, most employers screen their employees checking for criminal records. This can result in incredibly limited options for a career for the convicted. Current employers are able to terminate employment if they choose to do so after a charge. 


Moreover, when purchasing insurance, buying a house, or even financing a car, can be extremely difficult and expensive for the convicted to obtain.


In order to protect yourself from these consequences, contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately. 

We will vigorously fight for your rights no matter the severity of charges. At Calvin Barry, you will be defended. 


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