DUI Charges in Canada: How They Can Affect Your Canadian Citizenship Status

A DUI can have significant implications for immigrants in Canada. A conviction can result in deportation and a change in status, even if the offence occurred more than ten years ago. If you are arrested for DUI outside of Canada, you could also lose your study permit, work permit, or residency status. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the potential consequences of a DUI before getting behind the wheel.

Impact of a DUI on Permanent Residents of Canada

Different DUI offences existed before 2018, each with its severity. Foreign nationals with a DUI offence on their record were at risk of being deported or not allowed entry into Canada. However, in 2018, this changed when the Canadian Criminal Code was amended. Now, anyone with a DUI offence, regardless of whether they are a foreign national or permanent resident, will face harsh penalties, including up to 10 years in jail. This change automatically means that those charged with this type of offence will have issues with their immigration status.

DUI Effect on Your Canadian Immigration Status

DUI is a serious crime in Canada. The Canadian Border Services will be notified if you are convicted of DUI. They will review the severity of your offence and decide if they will proceed with deportation proceedings. If they do, you will have a hearing before the immigration division of the immigration and refugee board to determine if they should report you. The authorities may issue a removal order if the division decides that the offender is inadmissible. An appeal is possible for offenders sentenced to less than six months of jail upon consideration by an appeals board. The appeals board can choose to uphold the removal order or set it aside and impose conditions that allow the offender to keep their status.

DUI's Impact on Your Canadian Citizenship

Whether you’re a foreign national or a permanent resident in Canada, getting a DUI conviction can affect your citizenship application. If you already have Canadian citizenship and are convicted of DUI, you could lose your citizenship. So, if you’re hoping to become (or remain) a Canadian citizen, it’s best to avoid involvement in DUIs.

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