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Choose an experienced criminal defence lawyer. A criminal defence lawyer who helps clients avoid jail time. We represent people facing criminal charges from drug offences to major fraud charges. We work closely with each client – finding out what is important to them and devising a personal plan to represent them effectively. We are committed to seeking justice for every client – no matter what their charge is!


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Criminal Defence

Calvin Barry is a Criminal Defence Lawyer based out of downtown Toronto and serving across Ontario. Calvin has become one of the most sought-after and recognized Criminal Defence Lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area, handling and winning high-profile DUI cases.

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Calvin is a well-known criminal defence lawyer in Toronto for a reason. He knows all of the possible defences you can use in your particular case and will likely be successful in winning your impaired driving, domestic assault case and more. From your initial free meeting, Calvin will look at your case, review what happened on the day you were charged and explain all possible defences that may be used to win your case.


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Our clients praise us for our outstanding results, personable service and expert knowledge. Here are a couple of things some of them had to say:


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How would you feel if you were legally required to hand over your smartphone or another electronic device, and the police searched through your photos, videos, text messages, and contacts? Individuals in Canada have a right under section 8 of

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Rights During Interrogation in Canada In Canada, unless you are a minor, you are not entitled to have a lawyer present during a police interview. It will be just you and the officers. If the police ever question you, you

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