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Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 380. (1) everyone who is found guilty of Fraud Over $5000 is guilty of an indictable offence punishable by imprisonment of up to fourteen years.

Our firm will aggressively fight for your rights and raise every defence available to defend the allegations against you. Calvin Barry and his team have successfully represented individuals charged with various types of fraud, and fraud-related offences.

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Frauds can involve a breach of trust situations involving employers, credit cards and debit cards, contractors’ fraud, and financial or other business or legal documents. It may affect your work, immigration status, reputation, family and personal freedom. As in all criminal cases, entering a guilty plea to a fraud charge can have profoundly severe consequences.

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What Is Fraud?

 The following is a list of the potential type of fraud:


What to Do if You Are Charged with Fraud?

As in all criminal cases, entering a plea of guilty to a fraud charge can have profoundly serious consequences and may affect your work, immigration status, reputation, family and your personal freedom.

If you are charged with a fraud-related offence, do not plead guilty before consulting with one of our lawyers.

Our firm will aggressively fight for your rights and raise every defence to defend the allegations against you.

The Calvin Barry Professional Corporation has the resources needed to defend you regardless of the severity of the alleged fraud charge you are facing.

Pleading guilty will result in a criminal conviction, and the consequences of such a conviction may be highly prejudicial and expensive.


Fraud Deffences


Fraud charges in Toronto are categorized as either fraud over $5000 or fraud under $5000. It is usual for someone accused of fraud to have multiple counts of fraud charges if the alleged fraud took place over a considerable period. Because it is considered a “property offence,” individuals facing fraud charges in Toronto must consult a criminal lawyer.


Anyone convicted of fraud will face many challenges because it is seen as a crime of dishonesty. A plea saying that an individual is guilty of fraud can have grave consequences because it is a criminal offence. A conviction for fraud will result in a criminal record that can affect someone’s family, personal freedom, reputation, immigration status, and work.

Lawyer Experience

Calvin Barry is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto who has decades of combined experience handling both large-scale and small-scale fraud cases. He knows how to identify and look for possible problems arising from a fraud charge and can formulate a strong defence that may result in an acquittal.

Winning Record

Know that to convict someone of fraud. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that fraud happened. This is often done with the help of witnesses and by untangling a fraud paper trail. Because of how complex things can be, your criminal defence lawyer can find evidence that can be excluded or challenged at every turn. Calvin Barry has experience dealing with fraud cases as a Crown prosecutor and, later, as a criminal defence lawyer to spot any weak spot in the case.


Charged with Fraud?

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You could face jail time if convicted of fraud-related charges. Do not plead guilty before consulting one of our qualified lawyers who will provide you with a free consultation before helping to provide a defence on your behalf

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10 FAQs about Criminal Fraud

Fraud charges can arise from various situations, such as breaches of trust with employers, misuse of credit or debit cards, contractor fraud, or falsifying financial documents. The implications of a fraud conviction are severe, affecting your work, immigration status, and personal life. If you’re unsure about the specifics of your case, contact us for a detailed evaluation.

Fraud under $5000 can lead to serious legal consequences, including up to two years imprisonment if indicted. However, the penalties can vary widely based on the case’s specifics. To understand the potential outcomes for your situation, it’s best to speak with a lawyer.

Repayment may influence the outcome of a fraud case, potentially leading to reduced charges or penalties. However, each case is unique, and legal advice is crucial. To explore this option further, reach out for a consultation.

Defences against fraud charges can include lack of intent to defraud or challenging the evidence presented. Given the complexity of fraud cases, having a seasoned lawyer is vital. For a defence tailored to your circumstances, get in touch with us.

With extensive experience in both prosecution and defence, our team is adept at navigating the intricacies of fraud cases. We’re committed to defending your rights. To learn how we can assist you, schedule a free case review.

If you’re facing fraud charges, it’s crucial not to plead guilty before consulting with a lawyer. The consequences of a conviction are far-reaching. For comprehensive legal support, contact our team immediately.

Calvin Barry brings a wealth of experience from both sides of the courtroom, providing a unique advantage in fraud cases. To benefit from his expertise, book a consultation.

Success in a fraud case depends on the evidence, the defence strategy, and the legal representation. Our firm has a track record of success in such cases. To increase your chances of a favourable outcome, let’s discuss your case.

The best protection is proactive legal defence. Our team can help mitigate the risks and work towards a positive resolution. For protection strategies, reach out to us.

From the initial consultation to the resolution of your case, our team offers complete support. We understand the stakes and are here to help you navigate the legal process. For full support, schedule a meeting.

Fraudulent activity can affect almost all aspects of your life. For example, it could involve a violation of trust between employers, credit cards and debit cards, contractors, and legal or financial documents. This misconduct can affect your job, immigration status, reputation, family, and freedom. The consequences can be incredibly serious if you are found guilty of a fraud charge.

The Criminal Code of Canada states that anyone convicted of fraud over $5,000 is considered to have committed a serious offence. The punishment for this crime can include up to fourteen years of jail time.

It is common for a person accused of fraud to have multiple counts of fraud charges if the alleged fraud took place over a long time. People facing fraud charges in Toronto should get legal advice from a criminal lawyer.

If someone is guilty of fraud, they will face harsh penalties. This could include being fined and possibly even incarceration. The repercussions of fraud can also include losing one’s reputation, family life, freedom and work opportunities. Furthermore, it can even have an impact on their immigration status. A fraud conviction can have long-lasting and serious consequences.

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Fight Fraud with Calvin Barry and His Legal Team

Calvin Barry is a legal expert in Toronto who specializes in defending people accused of fraud. He and his team have years of experience dealing with major and minor fraud cases. He can spot any potential issues that could arise in a fraud case and will create a strong defence strategy to try and get a not-guilty verdict.

At our firm, we are committed to vigorously defending clients facing allegations of fraud. Our experienced lawyers have successfully defended numerous individuals accused of fraud-related charges. We use every resource available to protect your rights and challenge the accusations against you.

Our approach

How We Face Fraud with You

If you are facing fraud-related charges, always seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer first. They can provide a free consultation to discuss your case and help you develop a defence strategy for your defence in court. If you are convicted, you may be subject to jail time, so it is essential to get legal help.

Our lawyers have much knowledge and expertise in the field of law and can create a personalized plan to help people who have been accused of fraud-related crimes.

To secure a conviction, prosecutors must prove that fraud occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. Witnesses and evidence may be used to build the case and establish the facts. However, a skilled criminal defence lawyer, such as Calvin Barry, can identify and challenge any inconsistencies in the prosecution’s evidence. This could be the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict.

If you have been accused of fraud, it is important to speak to a lawyer before deciding how to plead. Only plead guilty once you have had a chance to talk to a legal professional and understand your rights and options.

Calvin Barry and his legal team will do everything they can to protect your rights and defend your case against accusations. We will use our resources to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.


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Different types of fraud charges in Toronto are distinguished by the value of the assets allegedly defrauded. Those exceeding $5000 are regarded as a more serious offence, while those under $5000 are considered less severe. It’s not uncommon for an

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