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We will defend you against any criminal charges arising from a motor vehicle accident or violation of the Criminal Code. I will make sure you understand what is happening in court so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or left out of decisions. If a criminal charge arises out of a motor vehicle accident or violation of the Criminal Code we will provide all necessary legal advice to successfully defend your case at trial or on appeal.


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Vehicle and Traffic Offences

If convicted, these charges can drastically affect one’s life and career. These charges are recorded on a driving record that potential employers and insurance agencies can assess.  A simple traffic offence can have lifetime consequences – get the representation that cares.

Moreover, charges can lead to demerit points that can have your license revoked.


Traffic offences

The Most Common Offences Under the HTA

Vehicle offences are usually charges given by police officers for violating the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) or the Criminal Code of Canada.



Charges laid under the criminal code for dangerous driving can lead to imprisonment for up to 10 to 14 years maximum if the dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death.

Penalties vary from $400 to $2000

Imprisonment for up to 6 months

Demerit points

License suspension

Each penalty varies on the number of convictions and type of charge.

For instance, the driver is subject to a fine from $490 to $1000 and three demerit points for distracted driving.  For careless driving, a driver may receive six demerit points, fine of up to $2000, six months imprisonment, or two years of license suspension.

Regardless of the penalty, having charges like the ones above can negatively impact your life.


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