Firearm and Weapons

In Canada, there are strict laws against the possession and transportation of firearms. If an offence is committed the person can be punished on summary conviction, or imprisonment for up to two or five years, depending on the offence.


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Firearm and Weapons

If you are convicted of a firearms or weapons offence our firm will provide you with all of the resources needed to analyze your case. With Calvin Barry and his team of trial lawyers, we will be able to defend you regardless of the severity of the alleged firearms and weapons charge you are facing.


What Is a Firearms or Weapons Charge?

The following is a list of potential offences:

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Firearms Charges and Canadian Gun Laws

We defend those charged with firearms or weapons offences. With decades of experience defending high-profile clients, our law firm has seen it all.

Expert Legal Advice

If you are facing firearms or weapons charge - we can help! With an entire team of lawyers on call 24/7 our services extend far beyond just one attorney or law firm - we are here to protect your rights.

Professional Legal Representation

Having a lawyer at your trial isn't just about having someone who can provide commentary on the law or question witnesses - our lawyers can make it much easier for you to present your defence in front of a judge and jury.

Freedom from Jail Time

Even if you are facing charges from a summary conviction offence or a criminal offence - it is possible to avoid jail time or any other severe penalties like fines.


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If you’ve been charged with a firearms or weapons offence, it’s important to hire a law firm specializing in criminal defence. We’ll be able to represent you regardless of the severity of the charge – call us today!

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