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Other Defences

We offer a comprehensive defence at Calvin Barry Law, whatever the circumstances of your case may be. We are prepared to address every possible scenario – posting bail, dealing with false accusations, missing witnesses or complainants, and more. We will give the judge a comprehensive background of all factors that allow the judge to see both sides of the case instead of just hearing just the complainant’s side, which may result in a ruling against you.

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Other Defences

Calvin Barry and his team serve in the following areas:

Driving Offences

Under the:
Criminal code
Impaired Operation
Operating while Blood Alcohol Contents are over 80
Fail to Remain
Fail to Provide Sample

Drug Offences

Under the:
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
Trafficking Controlled Substance
Possession for Trafficking
Production of Controlled Substance
Importing Controlled Substance
Criminal Code
Possession of Crime Proceeds

Firearm Offences

Under the:
Criminal Code
Careless Use or Storage of Firearm
Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose
Pointing a Firearm
Carrying Concealed Weapon
Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
Possession of Loaded Firearm
Possession of Firearm Obtained by Crime
Aggravated Assault

Assaults / Harassment

Under the:
Assault With a Weapon
Sexual Assault
Domestic Assault
Criminal Harassment
Utter Threats
Threaten Death

And some other Defences like Fail to Comply Recognisance, Court Order, or Undertaking


Other Defences Explained

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Calvin Barry DUI Lawyer
Drug Possession/Trafficking
Calvin Barry - assualt lawyer
Regulatory Offence
Calvin Barry - lawyer in Toronto
Sexual Offence
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10 FAQs about Other Offences

If you’re facing a driving offence, it’s critical to understand the charges and your rights. The first step is to consult with a legal expert who can guide you through your options. Contact us for a free consultation to start building a strong defence.

Absolutely. Drug offences require a robust defence strategy, and our team is experienced in handling such cases under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Don’t navigate this alone; reach out to us for expert legal support.

Firearm offences carry serious consequences. It’s essential to act quickly and get professional legal advice. Schedule a free case review with us to discuss your defence.

We provide comprehensive defence services for assault and harassment charges, ensuring your side of the story is heard. For personalized legal advice, speak with our lawyers today.

Regulatory offences might seem minor but can have major implications. Our team can help you understand the charges and navigate the legal system. Get in touch for a consultation on how to proceed.

Facing sexual offence charges can be overwhelming. It’s important to have a defence team that can handle your case with sensitivity and strength. Let us help you through this challenging time.

With a thorough understanding of the law and a commitment to your defence, we can challenge theft or robbery charges against you. Reach out to us to discuss your legal options.

Multiple charges require a strategic and well-planned defence. Our team is ready to tackle complex cases. Book a free consultation to explore your options with our experienced lawyers.

Yes, we are prepared for all scenarios, including those involving missing witnesses or complainants. Contact our office to ensure your rights are fully protected in such situations.

Choosing the right legal representation is crucial. Our firm brings decades of experience and a personalized approach to your defence. Discover how we can defend you by scheduling a free case review.


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