Top Tips for Facing Drug Charges from a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

In Canada, drug charges have the potential to result in severe penalties, including possible jail time and fines. If you’re facing drug charges, it’s important to contact a qualified criminal defence lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and that you know all your options for dealing with the charges against you. 

Do Not Say Anything

This is your right, and you should exercise it. Under Canadian law, you do not have to answer questions or make statements other than providing your name and address. Don’t admit guilt: You may be charged with an offence simply because of what another person says about your involvement. You don’t need to help the police prove their case by admitting anything if you are innocent. Wait until you see a lawyer: Only say anything to the police if you have first spoken with a criminal defence lawyer.

Hire a Good Criminal Defence Lawyer

It’s important to hire a good criminal defence lawyer with drug-related experience. Though it’s tempting to try to defend yourself, you shouldn’t. Even if you know that you haven’t done anything wrong and your case seems open and shut, hiring an experienced lawyer will give you peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands. You can trust that they are looking out for your best interests while simultaneously working toward building your best defence.

Be Quiet Until You Talk to Your Lawyer

Your mouth is often your biggest enemy when you’re facing drug charges. Remember that anything you say—even if it’s “I didn’t do it!” can be used against you later. Before you decide what to say, who to talk to or what to do, don’t act until you have consulted with a criminal defence lawyer. Do not panic; they have nothing on you, but they might try and scare you into talking or confessing. 

Go Over Your Story With Your Lawyer

The most important thing to do is review your story with your lawyer. Tell him what happened and be honest. If you’re worried that your conversation might be overheard, either avoid saying anything incriminating or find another place where you can speak openly.

Take Time Off Work if You Can

Talk to your boss and explain your situation as early as possible. If possible, take time off. Even if you’re not allowed time off work while awaiting trial, some jobs are flexible with scheduling so that you don’t have to worry about losing income.

Do Not Consume Drugs!

Although no one likes to be told what to do, you are legally obliged to follow certain rules when facing drug charges. The penalties can be severe, so do not jeopardize your future by consuming drugs – or anything else that is illegal.

If you face drug-related criminal charges, your best action is to contact a qualified lawyer. Calvin Barry is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who serves Toronto and the surrounding areas. With his help, you can avoid a conviction and get the best possible outcome for your case.

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