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police interrogation
How to Handle Police Interrogation

Rights During Interrogation in Canada In Canada, unless you are a minor, you are not entitled to have a lawyer present during a police interview. It will be just you and the officers. If the police ever question you, you

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A lady driving a car
Canada’s DUI Laws For Cannabis – Know Your Facts

Cannabis Use and Driving: Zero Tolerance for New and Underage Drivers Operating a vehicle under the influence of cannabis is illegal, especially for the young, novice, or commercial drivers. If any trace of cannabis is found in your system while

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a woman who got fired because of DUI charges
Is It Possible To Get Fired For A DUI?

If you are facing charges for impaired driving or over 80, you may be wondering whether this could get you fired from your job. If your job requires a license, you may be especially concerned that your employer will terminate

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a shot of alcoholic drink and drugs
What To Do For A DUI Probation Violation?

Probation violation offence that will result in criminal charges and conviction if not addressed properly. It is important to take your charges seriously and get the services of a lawyer as soon as possible to prevent worse consequences. Sentencing for

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